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Why my Gig has damaged after editing

My gig was on the first page (complete on page seo, on page seo optimization, and on page seo) in these three keywords. I can’t find my gig after editing it yesterday. My profile analytics report is completely OK. So my question is, why did I lost my gig rank. If it is damaged due to editing, then my question is, why the option to edit the gig? Now to get the gig on the first page, what do I need to do?


Don’t worry, be patient. try to complete 1job with positive feedback then your gig will be rank again.

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But showing my gig is not active. So what I can do now?

I would wait about 48 hours.
When you change something in your gigs, they can be sent to moderators for approval.
Usually it doesn’t take too long.
If it doesn’t appear in search after 1-2 days, contact customer support.

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Thank you so much for advice me

I was sent message customer support but they did not solve my problem yet. and they did not any answer perfectly…I sent message two time they are replying same message

what i can do now? please help me @vovkaslovesnyy

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Have you recheck the status? If so, and it’s still under review, take a screenshot and reply to the message you received.
(Remember that staff is severely behind currently, and they may have just not gotten to your gig yet.)

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