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Why my gig has fail to pass review

I don’t copyright any one. why denied my Fiverr gig again and again, says “third party copyright violation” :relieved:

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What are you trying to selling out here ? Mostly this can be happen we are trying to selling free organizations stuff. Like wikipedia links.

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I am trying to sell Photoshop GiGs- Add or remove Watermark!! Create gigs completed one or two order then fail to pass review. why?

then the possibility is that you are copying content from any where for your gig, or if every thing is your’s own then it might be possible that shutterstock or any other 3rd party site is claiming, because its not good to remove water mark from licensed or paid images. I hope its help.

That part isn’t really legal in many cases, you know? What if you get a buyer who copies a Stock photo from the web and asks you to remove the watermark? That would be like use of stolen goods and copyright infringement, and you’d be accomplice to it :wink:

Anyway, back to your question, “third party copyright violation” means that you violated the terms of another site/service with your gig, and that other site/service has reported your gig for breaking their terms.

Not much you can do about it, except be more careful next time and read the Terms of other sites you’re using.


May be you have used copyright images on your gig

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Any copyright
any violation of keyword
Or any other issues with your account

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Very Thankful to all of you… :slightly_smiling_face: