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Why My Gig Impression is Decreasing

Beginning of the last month one of my gig impression was almost 19K. From the last week it is decreasing and now it is 5.2k and still decreasing. I am now getting message and order only from my previous clients.

This gig is in first page with the some of the keywords.

Can anyone tell me how Impressions pattern works and why my gig’s impression is getting lower?

Thank you so much


Hi, thank you. That is quite helpful. So, don’t you think that impressions don’t create any impact to the gig performance?

My impressions were down but my orders went up. I think it takes only 1 out of the total impression(s) to make an order… don’t worry, you will recover just fine. :slight_smile:

Opposite. Gig statistics are the report. Impressions show how often your gig has shown up in search results.


‘Rank’ affects impressions.
Impressions don’t affect ‘rank’.

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