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Why my gig impressions and clicks dropped down!

Hi! Hope you all are fine. As I am new on fiverr so I want to ask my Seniors that why my gig impression and clicks dropped down. My impressions on this gig was 197 and clicks was 3 two days ago, but now when I checked it again Impression is 187 and clicks is just 1. How it happened ?? I didn’t change or update anything since 3 weeks.
Please review my gig and tell me the possible changes that could help me to improve my Gigs and orders. Gig link is attached below

Thank You!

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Well, Fiverr rotates Gigs to make it fair for everyone.

But I wouldn’t fret so much over impressions.

Here’s why:

I’ve been here almost five years.

I get MAYBE 10 impressions a day on any of my Gigs.

Not much, right?

I still get about one job a week.

Considering I am using Fiverr just for part-time income, that’s plenty.

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Right impressions and clicks did not matter a lot. But the problem is that why fiverr is cutting off my previous impressions and clicks? If they give me 0 impressions and clicks a day, I don’t mind but cutting off the previous ones is surprising for me.

Like I said, Fiverr ROTATES Gigs.

This makes it fair for everyone.

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