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Why my Gig impressions are Dropping

i have 10 active gigs all of my gig impression and clicks are dropping. i have not received any negative review or delivered a gig late so why is it happening. does anyone have same problem


yes bro.same here i have faced it

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I also fave this problem. I’m trying to solve it by sharing my gig and spend my time on fiverr forum. Read many instructions from forum.

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what sort of gigs you offer

website design and development

well, advertise your gigs in various social media like linkedIn, Twitter, Behance, Facebook more and more.! Don’t be frustrated keep improving your gig.:blush:

website design and development

share your gig in all social media

you need marketing .

I also facing this issue, but I am trying to improve it by getting some tips from Fiverr forum and sharing as well as marketing my gigs as much as I can. You can follow this to improve, please don’t be demoralized, just keep trying.

share your gig in all social media

i am shring my gigs on social media regularly, and recive few socil clicks.

Same problem here. After fiverr recent update i face the issue. I was getting everyday 4-5 new buyers message but last 3 days no new buyer message!!! My gig impression down 10k to 5k. I don’t understand what’s going on fiverr. Only social media share doesn’t solve the issue. I don’t know it’s fiverr bug or anything else. I just feel very bad now :frowning:

I also fave this problem. I do have 2000+ reviews all 5 stars and 1600+ 1 gig with 5 stars rating. even that gig is now droping views and imprisons since last 2 months and now only 1 or 2 orders per day. but before 10-15 orders everyday. :frowning:

Go ahead with your activity…