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Why my GIG is denied and what are the tips for successful gigs?

Hello Everyone!
I created a gig about stationery design but denied my gig after sometime, I want to ask about how to create a successful gig on plz let me know about some TIPS for creating a GIG to start my carrier?

We can not help you without even knowing the reason for what it was denied.

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Hello mehsan059, I guess your gig was denied because the content used was copied and fiverr system detected it right after your gig was published.

To create a successful gig, you must use original content designed or written by you.
I hope this helps.

Hi there @mehsan059, firstly always play fair, and play by the rules. Create your own work, and don’t copy somebodies hard work. I’m not accusing you from doing that, but I guess Fiverr has a good reason for denying your gig? Secondary, like @mariashtelle1 described perfectly, what’s the reason for Fiverr denying your Gig? If you can share it with us you most likely will get an answer to that!!

Best of luck to you!!
Warmly, Humberto