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Why my gig is denied?

I hope things are well.
I am offering animated video services here on fiverr.
But I received a message that my gig was removed saying They had received some third party complaint for a copyright following that my gig was removed.
Could you please help me knowing who was third party and on which video they claimed copyright.

I tried contacting customer support but no response yet.

Please help
Thanks and regards

I don’t have any way of knowing for sure who reported you or what video they reported you for. What I can tell you is that I looked at your gig video on one of your active gigs and it’s a Go Animate video without the Go Animate logo. That means you’d have to be paying at least $80 a month for the rights to use it and that wouldn’t even include all potential rights. If you aren’t paying for that copyright, then Go Animate can complain to Fiverr and have your gig taken down.

You have other images that also appear to be taken from the internet and are copyright protected. If you want to resell videos like that on Fiverr you need to own the proper licenses for both resale and transfer of commercial rights to a buyer.

Thanks for reply.
Really appreciate it.

I have a question, nobody asked me that I have a licence or not. They just removed it. How would they come to know that ?

most intros on here are unlicensed.

The company that owns the copyright may not even allow reproduction with commercial and resale rights. A company like that would report any gig that violated their terms. For example, Amazon does not allow paid reviews on their site, so they can ask Fiverr to take down any gig selling that.

For you personally, if you own licenses for the templates you are using, you’d have to read the legal wording carefully. If you aren’t sure, you can also contact the company who owns them and ask questions.

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You used an animated software for your Gig Video. Which is not permitted on Fiverr. You have to showcase yourself in the video. You were not in that video. That’s what happened and Fiverr removed the Gig after the third party intellectual property claim. Fiverr takes claim more seriously than anything else. You have to read the license terms or contact the company first on using or reproducing the contents for personal or commercial use.

I’ve had several gig videos that were just slideshows or explainer videos (legally made) without me in them. They’ve always been approved. I’m not sure where you found that line, but I haven’t seen it. I imagine the OP just used the templates or images without a proper license. I can’t be sure, do you have a source for that requirement?

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Well, my Top selling gig was removed in this same manner. My Gig video was denied so my gig was removed. Then i jumped on Forum, i don’t know who but someone said to me the above same thing.

It is not necessary to feature yourself in gig intro. What I think fiverr do not give any protection to the sellers, instead it is concentrated only on buyer protection and third parties. They are not realizing that their revenue comes from the work done by sellers. The company must know who is their client.

An opportunity for being heard is natural law of justice. Which is missing here on fiverr.

Er no - I think you’ve just found it - it’s called the forum! Also, did you contact CS and ask why they removed your gig - might be worth a shot.

I asked them but they are not revealing anything except same line again and again that I violated 3rd party copyrights.

Now I do not know who complained against me some voice over artist from whom I purchased voice over services or animation software company.

God knows.