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Why My Gig Is Down?

Hello everyone. Hope you are well. I am a new seller on Fiverr and created my account in march 2021. and In this month I did 7 projects and one in running. But unfortunately, my gig is out of search now. When I search “squeeze page” then I find my gig. But now I am unable to find out my gig. Here is my gig link :: Design wordpress landing or squeeze page by elementor pro, wpbakery, divi by Freelancerjabir | Fiverr


Maybe because you break TOS and overall your Gig is poorly presented with far too much Bolding that makes it really hard to read. Not to mention all that infinite happiness stuff that not only makes you look weak but leaves you open to scammers.

There is a new bot in town and it is playing differently so maybe just maybe it sees your Gig as a poor choice for buyers.



Maybe no ! My gig impression is very good. But now it’s happening with me.

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If you are so sure, why ask?

Or was this just to get Clicks - that won’t help you anyway as the bot will ignore inbound clicks from its own forum :wink:


If your gig impressions are good but you’re not getting many clicks, fixing the spelling mistake in the main gig image might help with clicks.


no man ! Because I am facing this issue !

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As a buyer, the spelling mistakes in that gig image would immediately make me concerned about whether or not there would be errors in any deliverables. It also shows a lack of care - if you can’t get your own advertisement correct, how can I be sure that you would care about the project you do for me?


Premium package has unlimited revisions? Don’t dig yourself a grave mate, never go for unlimited revisions. They could and one day will turn your 25$ into a waste of time :slight_smile:


Okay next time I will take care of it

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Take care of it NOW, not “next time”.



Yes, the Avoidance is strong with this one :sigh:


Since it’s on topic FINALLY, do impressions actually matter? Honestly… I have a lot of impressions but like 5 clicks on one gig and 10 on the other.

Impression, Clicks etc are all only part of the thing and in many ways the least important part and only if you are willing and able to understand their role and place. Which often requires industry averages which you probably can’t find.

A thousand people will see an ice cream shop as they drive to work. That is 1,000 Impressions. If someone takes the time to think, Mmm ice cream, I could go one of them, that is 1 Click. Nothing further happened because that ice cream fancier was on the way to work.

Maybe at lunchtime, that person comes back to the ice cream shop to get something to drip all over their shirt. An impression created a click which created a Sale. All the shop cares about is the sale. not all impressions or clicks can or will become sales. The shop might choose to be there for impressionability but it is still all about the sales.

On the weekend that ice cream shop may have a lot fewer people driving past so impressions are a lot lower, but far more of those people will think nice thoughts about ice cream consumption and even walk over to lighten their fiscal load in favor of yumfulness.

In a situation like Fiverr, the Impression:Click:Sale ratios you see are somewhat useless until you start to work out what your (or industry) averages are. If is normal that for one of those I will pretend to make you a unique logo whilst I poke at some clip art on a logo-making website that the averages look like


Anything you get around that is average. It is not that Impression 10,001 or Click 501 will give you a Sale. It is just that roughly those numbers are likely over most people most of the time. The numbers do nothing but show what happened.

Obviously, if you get numbers that are outside of the averages (for your type of service) then you are either beating the averages or underperforming. Or, are comparing your averages to the wrong thing because you don’t realize what market you are really in.



My gig impression is very good. but no order?

I landed my first job on Fiverr after four weeks with just 30 impressions and 2 clicks. Impressions and clicks don’t mean very much. It’s as @benedictrm said, it’s about having the right people land on your gig, not about having thousands of the wrong people see it.


Maybe the ice cream in your shop looks & smells a bit strange :wink: