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Why my Gig is for sell


My Gig will Help you because only after 3 Days I noticed change on my position in google for a difficult Keyword, and after indexing only 5 backlinks .Because google notice That backlinks are differents and from big brand name.
The same service That big companies use to build links 2k $ Now i give it to you for Free


What’s that smell? It smells like bull excrement.

Hmmm, let me look at this amazing gig…
– You are offering a service that sounds exactly like all the other BS link services that are available here and give the whole site a bad name.
– Your idea of marketing is to post repeatedly on a forum where self promotion of this kind is not allowed.
– You use a profile image with a character that I am guessing you have not paid for permission to use.
– Your gig description, image and posts make three different claims – “32 PR 9 backlinks”, “32 PR7-10 backlinks”, “32 PR7-9 backlinks” – which is it?
– You say your work is white hat but unnatural backlinks are ALWAYS a black hat technique.
– You say first page ranking is guaranteed, yet you deliver in 2 days, meaning the order is completed in max 5 days. Results cannot be achieved this quickly so can your clients claim a failure at this point? Or perhaps you tell them to wait 30 days for results, at which point the order is complete and you have their money. CS will not cancel the order at this point. Guarantee = worthless.

In summary, you show absolutely nothing which would make me believe allowing you to do SEO (or any other) work on a site would be a positive experience. Everything about your service is spammy, black hat and raises red flags.


I agree with @eoinfinnegan . please understand this is not the platform to promote your services.