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Why my gig is marked as 'Fake Documents'?

I am new to Fiverr and created a new gig some days ago. My gig is about graphic design, but suddenly I got following notification:

Fake Documents
By taking part in faking someone else’s documents you are violating Fiverr’s Terms of Service and potentially participating in criminal demeanor. Such services are not allowed on our marketplace. Please offer a different service in you Gig.”

I don’t receive any order yet and I give pictures of my own creations in the gig gallery.

There is an exclamation sign in the overview section, is that mean that I need to change the title of the gig?

Following is the screenshot:

Please help.


The notice explained EXACTLY what you’re doing wrong. Falsifying documents/images is not cool at all, STOP doing it at once. Besides, if you feel this is not true, any questions related to this notice should be addressed by Customer Support.

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I just looked at your gig in google’s cache and didn’t see anything wrong with it:

I Will Design Business Card And Stationery

It did not show what graphic you used. Based on this, the warning was a mistake.
I’m not sure what to tell you, unless it is to change the graphic on the image.


I agree (though havne’t seen the image). It looks like someone probably flagged it by mistake, assuming there was nothing wrong with the image. Or maybe it was something to do with the text near the start of the description that said “…business card as like as you are looking for.” - maybe they thought a card would be created as close to another as possible (like “as alike as you are looking for”) instead of what was actually meant. Maybe that text could just be made clearer so CS won’t flag it.

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I’ve had gigs misunderstood by Fiverr before too. When I ask for clarification, the answer flat out doesn’t make sense like whoever responded to me didn’t even read my gig. I would just edit something, try to be as clear as possible, and move on. Sometimes they get it wrong. Just do your best to try and address it.


Probably you didnt read what she said:

How could someone falsify something if she never had an order to be able to do this?

Thanks for your findings … I change the description a little bit, let’s see what will happen now.

I’m also trying to change the description a little bit and submit it again. Let’s see what will happen now.