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Why my gig is not finding any buyer after long time

my name is Ak saurav & i work on gig" song mixing & mastering" and “video editing”.i am a seller one.i have good review & rating.but why after long time didn’t contact me any buyer for selling? please solve this issue.i am worried.


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best wishes.:slightly_smiling_face:

May be you have much low impression :frowning: gig views and clicks :slight_smile: Better to do gig marketing as well as increase the online activity both forum and seller account :slight_smile: Hope you’ll get more and more jobs :heart_eyes:

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Thank you so much.@emrlanka

Thank you so much@ janjalcore

Hello Saurav,

I think you to do some promotional work, do some promotion for your gigs and try to send your gigs on buyer requests, that may increase your views and chance of selling the gigs.

You’re always welcome :slight_smile:

i did it already.but this is failed.i found 51 good reviews & rating on this gig.but i didn’t find any buyer for long time.i am worried.please help me.

Thank you so much@ emrlanka

I am going through the same situation and I think you should continue doing the same and wait some more time.

sure! Thanks again@ dhan13sikh

by the way my name is Jaskaran can you tell me how to change the username. I really need it changed

you should go for your profile editing,there will be option to change first name & last name.i think.

No brother that will not work. You cannot change username just like that. in fact you cannot change username you need to first change your email id and that I dont know how to do it?

you should contact to fiverr customer support.they will help you.sure!

thank you brother. see you soon

Are you doing everything perfectly? like gig marketing ? also you can edit your gig little bit.

yes,i did edit. i did sell many from this gig.i have 51 reviews on this gig.but this time i have no work.

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is is matter of sorrow for any seller. but should be patient.

To change your username, you need delete your account, then open new one with new username.