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Why my Gig is not getting any impressions or clicks?

Hi all,

Two days ago I made a gig but I’m not getting any impressions on it neither the clicks. I would request you please suggest me something that I can do to earn impressions and clicks even the orders.

You can find my gig here.


Do you see anything like that on your gigs page?

There’s are glitch going on Fiverr right, many people can’t see that yet.

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yes I can see this.
So, now what I have to do?

We can’t do anything for now, Just wait till devs correct that.

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Guys, Now, My Gig expression, views and clicks are back.


Good for you, But still everyone didn’t get it back.


GIG impressions are now in BETA mood, FIVERR will release it soon,
they just give this option to random seller to finalize it.
Hope we all get it soon.

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Okay, thanks for your help.

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One more thing, if in case I’ll get order. Then how will i get to know the same ?

i am also facing the same issue of not displaying impression,clicks and views ?
how is this possible that few sellers get it and few not ??

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hi, I don,t understand why people don,t understand that in every success need time,hi sister i am working fiver last 4 years day by day ,month by moth,year by year i develop my profile now I am level 2 seller,all my gigs have good impression,i am telling you all of this because I want to show you what fiver wants from workers 3 things 1 hard work, 2 honesty,3 time,you gave your gig 2 days ago it needs time share your gigs with your community make your gig image more eye catching ,use important taglines,wright your description in your own skill,make unique from others don,t copy from here & there,your gig must rank but doing all of this you have to wait.sister remember one thing fiverr won,t dissoppoint you just stay with fiverr,loving fiverr :heart:happy fiverr community


May be nobody looking for your service which you will provide or your gig appears at the end of search result. Many gigs may appear into the search result before your gigs because your competition among thousands of sellers. Buyers may buy other gigs which appears at the beginning of search result. So nobody view your gig and you are seeing 0(zero) clicks and impression.
You may share your gigs among your targeted customers who need your service. Then you will get impression, clicks and orders.


I didn’t understood you. If you get any order you can just directly talk to him/her what they need.

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Thank you all for your support.

Share your gig link on social media and send buyer request regularly.

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Can you explain me how?

Well said. It’s all about hard-working