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Why my Gig is not ranked? My Gig is 100% unique and I know SEO

First of all, if you know SEO then you also know that Google deprecated/killed the public PR score and its toolbar, and thus only Google itself now knows the actual PageRank score for a page - more so, PR data is no longer available to developers through any Google APIs as far as I recall. So how come you have access to such data? :thinking:

Many have heard about all these, so why would some buyers purchase a gig that promises backlinks with a score that has no public API to obtain as a means of measuring your backlinks’ quality/authority?

You also claim your gig is 100% unique, but even a simple search of “PR9” on Fiverr will reveal so many similar gigs that offer the same thing as your gig, with just the number of backlinks being lower or higher, hence not 100% unique IMO.


Thanks . very helpful .