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Why my gig is not ranking even after having quality gig and best service?

Two of my gigs were in the first page when i was a new seller… I was getting continues buyer messages and orders… But after getting level 1 my those two gigs lost their place from the first page!!! Since then(After getting lev.1) i started more marketing and completed some orders with 5 star taring but still my gig is not ranking!!! Also amount on getting order reduced!!
Why is that??? And how can i overcome this situation??

This question has been asked a lot over the course of time, and the answer is likely, when your account was NEW, Fiverr gave your Gigs a boost by placing them in front of buyers - meaning, in the first pages or whatever. This is why you had an influx of orders.

Fiverr rotates the Gigs - so, other people who are now in the position you once were - who are new - can get some exposure.

Do a search in the forum, as I have seen a post where customer service answered this question already for someone.



What can be done for againg achieving the first page position?? Cause its not possible Everytime having sufficient orders from marketing if you are not getting any order from inside fiverr rigrt???

I see the last part of my suggestion went over your head.

The part where I suggested you do a search in the forum - this has been explained already.


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Thanks for pointing… So kind…

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