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Why my gig is not show by seaching the keyword?

I’m publishing a gig yesterday but there is no impressions yet so i delet the gig and republish it. But it doesn’t show. Please tell me the reason

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Hi Shuvoshill39,

Hope you are fine and doing great! Generally newly created gigs take some time to appear in search results. You didn’t need to delete your earlier gig as your new gig has to go through a review process before it appears in search results.

Secondly please follow the below steps for further clarity:

  • Go to your Account setting and make sure that your Online Status is not selected to GO OFFLINE FOR…

  • Go to your gigs page from Dashboard and check that what is the current status of your newly created gig. There are different tabs like Active, Pending approval, Require Modification, Draft, Denied & Paused. This will tell you the current status of your gig.

If your online status is Active and your gig is also in Active Tab then please wait for at least 24 hours, even if your matter is still unresolved then you can contact CS and generate a ticket for this query.

Hope this will serve the purpose

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My new gig current status is Active and there are nothing in different tabs. My online status is
also active.

Please make sure that you have used the right keyword and also used the same in your gig title and gig description plus you have also used the right relevant tags.

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It takes more than one day. You just have to wait.

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Just create more gigs to get more views.

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Thanks for sharing :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for sharing :blush:

All ok. Now it shows in the search result :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your comments :heart_eyes: