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Why My Gig is not showing in First page?

My gig was first page in First Position since 2 Years. More than 1k Job success with 4.9 Start reviews. But now my gig position is 21 Page… And other new sellers are in first page…Please suggest me expert why my gig has been down.?


Hi! I have the same problem. I was in 1st page for years until last month. I was getting couple of new messages everyday. But suddenly my gig went down to 13th page. No negative feedback, No warning or nothing unusual. Everything was perfectly fine and smooth. Now I haven’t got one new message since then. For me this started at the start of this month. Can I know how long you experience this issue. If it is same as me, we both might be facing same issue for the same reason. Thank you for posting this. I thought I am the only one which has this problem.

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See: Fiverr myths debunked

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