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Why my gig is not showing in search


I have good impression clicks and views i just thought how pepole came to know about me, i just searched for my gig in the fiverr search but i found that my gig is not displaying there what should i do to help my my gig to reach there .


i think you’re gig is paused kindly check your gig is available not…
or change the tags or make a unique title for your gig
-Warm Regards


There are two things i suggested, if you promote your gig outside fiverr, that will give you impressions and clicks, but if you did not promote your gig outside fiverr. It means your gigs are rank but you don’t know through which of the tag it was ranked. That is the reason why you can’t find it.


my gig is not paused i think it needs modification.i’ll edit them.


Thanks for your kind reply.


The same situation, 3 weeks ago impressions was 100-150 per day, now 0-2. A lot of sellers dropped impressions and clicks from the beginning of March till now. Seller Level 2, 400 orders completed.


I have the same problem. I edited all my gigs just in case I wrote something wrong, but my impressions keep getting lower and lower. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?


what is the the solution to this problem?


Your gig may disappear from the search results for up to 48 hours after you edit your gig. You made have edited your gig and thus not seen it in the search results.


If your gig disappeared in search results try to contact support. It helped me.