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Why my gig is not shown in search result

Recently I have edited my the best selling gig. I have made the duration ‘‘7 days’’ to ‘‘3 days’’. Now I am not finding the gig in search result. I have tried to find with all relevant keyword. I have tried to find also with Shop Category,Delivery Time, Seller Level and Seller Language.

Why is this happened? What should I do? Is Fiverr unhappy for this editing?

this is the gig

As has been said in the forums many times… be patient. And don’t rely upon the Fiverr search system to be your only source of traffic or visibility. Promote your gigs offline. Take the initiative to do what is necessary to help other people find your gigs.

You appear to be promoting yourself as “an expert in social media bookmarking”. If you are indeed skilled in that area, then perhaps using your own services to promote and bookmark your own gigs might be a beneficial to your success.

Reply to @jonbaas: A lot of thanks to you, brother. Actually I want to fix it. I have not bookmarked my gig anywhere. Now I will try it. I will contact with fiverr support team, if they can fix it!

Reply to @nir_anjan:

I’m not your brother (we are not related), but you’re welcome nonetheless. :wink:

Reply to @jonbaas: Sorry! actually it is our custom. I am taking help of fiverr support.