Why my gig is not shown in search?


Hi guys and Fiverr experts. i just signed up as a seller and placed 2 gigs. but I can’t find them in the categories that I mentioned or related Tags.I even searched the exact title of my gigs and they are still not showing. what’s going on with my gigs? am I missing something?
please help!


When did you post your gigs? They might be going through an editorial review which might take a little time.


one of them 7 hours ago and the other one 1 hour ago


both of them have Active status. for example one of them called: i will professionally grow your Instagram fast with real engagement.
if you search it there are no results. or if you go on Instagram or Instagram marketing , my gig are not there


Perhaps it’s due to the content of the gig itself since some services such as “offering followers” are no longer in the editorial focus.
I would give it a few days since you just posted and go from there.


well I do marking not selling followers. is that the same rule?


How can you promise that a video will go viral?


You would have to direct that question to customer support. Again, give it a few days. It might take a little time to go through the review process.


shouldn’t it be om pending approval when it’s on review? i’m new here so I don’t know




we will post it on our social networks. The customer will get views from the real persons who may like and comment as well. as big as big the package he orders, more social media networks we post the video on. like Facebook Reddit Instagram Twitter etc.
the customer will see views on analytics and they never drop because they are real views with +2 min visits


I tried to fill a request before but which category should I choose? most of them need order info or ticket category that are irrelevant to my question.


You can leave those blank. It would be gig related so “Gig Support”


I’m afraid i can’t leave them blank. they are starred…


Choose “Ticket Category (Gig) - Metadata”