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Why my Gig is paused?

I am having some troubles in my country with electric power energy and internet. Please!!! Let know your experiences about paused gigs???

Contact customer support right now.

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Thanks! where is the buttom?

In help??? ( 20 charac)

I have Paused my gig for a week a month ago :slight_smile: Everything is normal:slight_smile:For short period for this type of situation you can pause the gig.

Thanks for your reply. I have not paused my gig. It is paused but I wasn’t! :frowning:

Did you mean it was paused automatically? try to re-active it. :slight_smile: Sometimes we click the pause button by mistake , (I did it once :stuck_out_tongue: )

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I am going to see it… I wish!

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ehheh. You were right!!! thanks! a lot!!!