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Why my GIG is removed

Hi, I had posted a gig for social bookmarking service that is one of the most popular & effective tools to increase backlinks of a website. If you search the keyword ‘bookmarking’ or ‘social bookmarking’ in fiverr search box, you could see many services of this kind. I also learnt this white hat seo tool from my training institute. But, after posting that gig, it said that this service is not that we are allowed to provide. So my gigs are removed? Even, I am now restricted. I am so disappointed. What can I do friends? Please tell me. :cry:


Did you copy the content from someone else? Maybe that’s why.

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when you create GIG maybe you copy something from someone seller (like GIG image)
it’s a problem maybe


I also had a top performing gig which was active for 3 years and having 150+ positive reviews. Few days ago fiverr declined the gig and says Its not according to their rules/policies.

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Social bookmarking is often used by spammers, maybe that’s the reason.


Due to quite recent Google changes, backlinks are not worth much anymore and they don’t help websites increase in rank. Being first to write it does, the title does, the keywords in the article do (not tags), social media shares and likes, so Fiverr probably considers this kind of gigs unsuitable for charging, since the client does not get what you claim they do in your Gig (anymore).


That’s interesting, @arcticdesigner - how long has that been going on?

It’s pretty recent. They say it’s only for Media Trusts, but people have been seeing changes in blogging too, so I guess it’s a general rule now.

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Thanks for that - useful information

It’s not allowed because it’s unethical.

If you want to know what to do: don’t do unethical things.

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I doubt so. I tried every time with new one gig.

But, now, is there any way to recover my account from its restriction?

No. I tried every time with new one gig. But rejected.

No. I tried every time with new one gig. But every time it was rejected.