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Why my gig is removing for TOS violation and Misleading to buyers?


I haven’t used any downloaded picture. I have made my gig cover from scratch. I have used free for commercial use fonts.
In gig description + cover, I have mentioned about premium tools I will use for my gig. After editing title previous day (from I will do SEO keyword research professionally to --> I will do SEO keyword research with competitor) and changing description Fiverr removed that gig.
And what about misleading buyers? I couldn’t understand it!! I haven’t said anything like this in my Gig.

Previously I have faced the same problem After editing gig. That gig was ranking on the first page. Fiverr is only my income source. I have started to build my career. I got also 3 order that gig. Between two weeks. I was starting to big dream about my career in Fiverr. I am now very hopeless about my journey in Fiverr. I am now afraid to create another Gig. :frowning_face::frowning_face:

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Do you have a copy of your gig description we can look at? I can’t tell what you did wrong wtihout seeing it. Did you use any company’s logo?

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No. I forget to make a copy of it :sob: . I had used company logo related to my gig in (From that gig I was getting orders)

But this gig had also denied and removed :frowning: for the same reason after creating it in few hours.
It will be very pleasurable for me If you can say where I am doing mistakes.
Thank You. :blush:

(GIG Description was like this)

Are you looking for keywords? Which has weak competition or little difficulty but has good numbers of traffic?

I will use three most powerful paid tools for Keyword Research “Ahrefs Standard,” “KWfinder (Mangools Premium)” & “SEMrush Pro.” All tools will be used for every package.

I will give you all the data side by the side of those tools.Then you can compare which tools are saying what about that particular keyword. You will also get some different valuable data like Clicks Per Search, Return Rate of keyword how often people search for that one again. Then you can determine the perfect one for your niche. Yes, you will be ahead of others because everyone can’t afford those tools.

You will get
• Search Volume
• Difficulty
• Clicks
• Clicks Per Search
• Return Rate
• PPC (If you want)

Thank You,

What company logo did you use? From what company?

It’s possible these companies complained about you mentioning them also.,

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May be this will help you to get back your gig! Gig deleted because of 3rd Party Claim then Again restore

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I had used ZoomInfo & LinkedIn Logo

That is probably the reason then. Do not use other company’s logos in your gigs.

You do not have the right to use them.

Those are owned by those company’s. No one can use them for any reason.

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Thanks for giving your time :blush:

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Thank you. :relaxed::relaxed: .I am feeling now less afraid.