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Why my gig is under review?

Hello, i am a seller on fiverr, i was getting orders on my gig, and today i edit my gig, i just changed my gig video and images, but it required modification and when i modified it, it is under review. can anyone tell me why is it there, and how much time it’ll take?


This is a Fiverr Process, when a gig notifies for modification, and after you modify it it goes for review is that problem solved for which Fiverr add the gig for modification.
If all ok, after review it will active, Don’t worry

Yeah, i have solved that issue, but how much time it will take?

Don’t worry. wait 24hours then this problem will be automatically solved. if still you face same problem then you can contact with support.

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Dot worry, it may maximum need 24 hours.

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No Tension Brother, If your gig video or picture has no copyright issues, hopefully, it will be published in a few hours.

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