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Why my gig isn't recommended anymore?

When you search for specific gig first thing that is shown is recommended tab. When I search for pixel art my gig isn’t there even if I have good critiques and I’ve done almost 50 gigs in one month. My gig is shown in top rated but not in recommended,why is that?

Gig get rotated to give everyone in all categories a chance to make sales. Maybe a new editor updated the ‘recommended’ list with their own recommendations. Be glad you’re in the Top Rated list, many people wait for a long time to have their gigs show up at all.

My mistake not Top rated but in High Rating tab. It’s not ok, cause all people that are longer here than me are still there, only my gig is missing. After this, I didn’t get a single gig, cause when you search Pixel art my gig isn’t there and not many people tries to change the tab.

I will report you for stealing my gig! OK!?


Just kidding!

mmmmmmm those pixels made me go mmmmmmmmmm.

Best of luck with your sale ;D Fellow pixelato enthusiast

Thanks biancha. :slight_smile:

Something is seriously wrong here. ~X( Why I can’t level up when I have more that 10 gigs I’m here 31/32 days, and I have all the stars. Also in my gig it says 37 gigs completed, but in Analytics it’s 45 (which is true). If nobody here know the answer who can I ask then?

And my previous questions is still not answered.

Reply to @harveydentmd: