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Why my gig keep disappearing when i update anything?

Whenever i update my gig its completely disappear from search engine.No matter when i search it (1/2/3/4/5 days) i can not find it.Here is my gig link


If it’s the video you changed it will.
Title and Video changes have to be reviewed

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If your gig search is not displayed on the page
You are. Notify fiverr customer support service
Then it will be corrected

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Yes i contact them 2 days ago then yesterday  i got more than 30 order.That's why i do changes in my gig cause its not possible deliver 30 order in one day for me.After that its already more than 12 hours i didn't get any new message or order and my gig is completely disappear. I post this because its happened with me before.When i start getting to much order then if do some edit in my gig its completely disappear and i get no order from it.

This is because you are editing gig
So again, publish the search
Get help from fiverr support customer service
Editing a gig that gets the order. You are losing
If not ordered, it’s enough to edit only gig. I think

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