Why my gig keep down :o


Hello everyone. I dont know why my gig going down. Its show on a 1st page on 3rd row and know its on 3rd page . Please help me
please Buy : https://www.fiverr.com/oussamamimah/to-makeyour-imagecartoons-logo-effet-photo-shop?funnel=4ff48397-f829-4837-b436-67d6042cb9c5


one of the reasons is, you are still new. you need to be patient and promote your work.
also, make sure that your title and description are better in a way to catch costumers attention.
check out other people’s works. I saw your gig, you do a pretty good job, but as I already said, you are still new and it takes time to get first sale.

I’m not sure how do you check the position of your work, if you’re watching in the “latest added” page than you should know that there are other new gigs that’s been uploaded and that they will push your work down.
one thing you must know, in time, when you start selling your work and getting positive ratings, there will be more and more chance to go to the top.


The search engine will rotate what it shows.

Look at your statistics.

You will see how many impressions your gig gets. This is how many people Fiverr puts your thumbnail in front of.

You will see how many click you get. This is how many people actually click on your thumb nail to look at your offer.

You will also see your conversion rate, this represents how many people buy your gig after looking at your offer.

Optimizing your thumbnail is one of the things that can really change things for you. In that last 30 days. 35k people saw my thumbnail. Only 600 people clicked on my offer. If I work on my thumbnail’s attractiveness, I could have more clicks, and then more sales.


Thank you so much …


Please I need help, I was getting orders regularly but all of a sudden it stopped coming. Please what do I do? This is a link to my account https://www.fiverr.com/kelvinstan


my GIGs never come up :smiley: