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Why my gig no rating?


I am new user so please help . what s problem in my gig.


$150 might be a bit high?


Might be a good idea to remove your Skype id from the gig as well - it’s against Fiverr Ts & Cs



I concur with offline.

You say you are a SEO expert, but there are over a thousand other sellers on 5r that also claim that title. If you want to charge that much, you have to give me your credentials as to why I should buy from you.


Even if you can deliver what you say, the people who have this money per keyword ($200,- :slight_smile: ) to spend are fluent or native in English and will therefore not want to work with you.
What do you mean with “1st page rank granted”? Do you actually mean “guaranteed”?
See? Your communication skills have to be way better if you want to be taken serious by customers who spend serious money.
Besides this, be careful with Amazon ranking gigs.

I know that this all sounds harsh, but this is just how it is. I like this blurred thingy.


Thanks every one…


Hey dear ,
Have any work you give me. Amazon products ranking . i have a big teem.

Mod Note: Direct marketing is not allowed in Improve my Gig. You may place general ads in My Fiverr Gigs It is not cool to beg for orders from other forum users.


First, I see you :heart: Mario’s post. Did you actually read what he wrote? I ask, because I agree with him.

Second, I never buy from sellers who call me “dear.”


This thing irritates me a lot… and believe me it is a repellent for buyers.

Wow Seo expert, I see you have a nice “TEEM”


He read it, but he didn’t understand, what proofs all my points.


Claiming to be a SEO expert and not being able to write one single sentence without a mistakes is a contradiction on its own.

Lol, can you imagine? “Give me $200,- and I do keyword research on the word “TEEM” for you.”
“Of course, just take my money, hahaha!”


The truth is, you are a newbie, lots of sellers with thousands of review sell for $5
why would anyone buy higher from you?

work on your price brother, get the reviews and up your price later. ok?


Oh, Deer!

Begging other sellers to give you work is ridiculous! :thinking:

Edited to add the same thing applies to forum users, begging is just poor etiquette.


Sorry dear​:cold_sweat::cold_sweat:


Yes sister, right .
Thank you sister.


Yes i think .
Sorry every one.


$150? Man some of you new sellers need to do your research before you even make an account on Fiverr. Ridiculous.


Don’t worry, he will probably end up with banning his account! SEO Expert? NOT CLOSE TO IT! Seo experts are way more serious and well behaved persons in nature! :joy: