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Why my gig not getting any orders

When I see other reputed sellers here I feel there are doing thing which I can easily do at lesser price nut my problem is I’m not getting a single order. My fiverr account was created in 2015 but I’m active here from past 3 weeks only. Is this the reason I dont get ranked because I have an old account. Also can someone please have a look at my account and suggest me if any. I’m also open to gig that would help me establish my gig on fiverr.


Maybe you could mention in your profile description that you are a new seller. Also talking about cancellations in your gig description may put buyers off.

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I edited my gig and removed cancellations part. Thanks for helping me out


What are you doing to EARN your sales? :wink:


sorry I didn’t get it

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Well, are you expecting sales to magically appear, and make you successful? Or are you going to work hard to earn the sales and seller reputation that can make you successful?

In other words, what WORK are you doing to EARN your success? :wink:


Yes, you are right. I have been employee all these years. I did tasks assigned to me. Here, its also about marketing. Simple tasks made glamorous. I have to pull up my socks and learn marketing skills now. 9-5 job was much better it seems

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Any job can be successful, as long as you’re willing to dedicate yourself to making it so. Nothing in life is easy – not even freelance work.


Hi jonbass,

Nice to meet you. I believe success comes from discipline and focus.

I recently joined and am advertising my fiverr gig in Instagram, Linkedin and Facebook…do you have any other tips?
In the statistics of a gig, there are “impressions” and “clicks”…what is the difference?


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It’s a pleasure to meet you as well, @erikabizcomm . :slight_smile:

Well, my first tip would be to advertise where your target customers are located. Are you connected to your target customers on Instagram, Linkedin, and Facebook? Most people are connected to friends on social media. Your friends aren’t likely to be your customers. You need to be promoting your services to the people who need those services. Merely posting your links on your personal social media accounts isn’t going to help your business much.

As to the difference between impressions and clicks… impressions is the number of times your gig has been views in search results or on the category page where your gig is shown. Clicks are the number of times someone who registered an impression actually clicked on your gig image in the search results or category page.

Impressions aren’t going to tell you anything other than the fact that people see your gig listed in the Fiverr marketplace. Clicks are more valuable as that stat tells you that people are specifically interested in your gig (because they clicked on it in the marketplace, and visited your gig page).


thats a notable information. Well, if I say I had 53 impressions, 24 clicks and 35 views. So, it means fiverr ranked my gig 53 times till now? And my gig could grab attention of 24 buyer and they clicked on it? And 35 views? What happens when someone click on link I posted on forum,youtube, twitter etc?

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If you have 53 impressions, that means that your gig was shown 53 times in either search results or category listings. If you have 24 clicks, that means that 24 of those impressions resulted in people clicking to visit your gig.

Your 35 views are the total of times your gig page has been loaded. This usually includes those 24 clicks inside Fiverr, and, in this case, perhaps 11 who visited your gig from some other link other than the in-site data that Fiverr tracks.


hmm, good. I never paid much attention to it. Well, it means fiverr isn’t very rude to me as it gave me 53 chances. But my gig isn’t appealing so it didnt grab 50% of them either.

Yes, today I posted gig URL on random youtube channels (comment section). It gathered some clicks I guess. I think clicks affect your further ranking also(according to fiverr algo).

Anyway, crux is my gig needs fine tuning

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What you did is considered spam. Please do not spam-post your links in random Youtube channel comment sections. This could get you banned from Youtube (and any other site your do this on). Posting random links in comment sections of other people’s websites is not marketing. You need to stop doing this immediately.


Ok. I got it. Thanks

Well today on entire day, my impressions are same as it was yesterday. Does that mean Fiverr didnt promote me today? :smiley:

Why you put your image if you provide web development gig
Put something related to your Gig

Fiverr does not promote you or your gigs. That’s not their job. Here on Fiverr, you are merely listed in their directory of freelance services, and, it the right factors are in place, you may be searchable in the search results. Don’t expect Fiverr to be doing your marketing and promotion for you.

Try sending request to buyers from buyer’s request and also promote on social media ! (share your gig)
May help!

I have also put details related to my gig. I read somewhere profile looks more genuine to buyer if there is a genuine pic. Ofcourse other factors are considered too