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Why my gig not published ? It's being drafts

My gig not published.I have try a lot but no result i have show it on drafts.I am new in fiverr.What can i do now?

Note: phone number not verified. have got some hassle so fiverr said me apply to submit phone number after 48 hours again.


Firstly you have to verify your phone number then you will be able to publish your gig. So firstly do that then try again. Hope it will work…


Your gigs wont be published until your phone number is verified. If you need to submit the phone number after 48 hours, then it’ll be at least two days before you can publish your gigs.


Thank you for your reply

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You are most welcome

Hi sir i have two gigs which are in the draft they are not published. one gigs is about content writing i have cleared test but gig is still in the draft. today i have uploaded new gig that is about ebook cover also not published please help me to solve my problem.

I think it wont be published until you verify your phone number. And also there may be a possibility that you wont be able to verify your phone number on phone sometimes. So try using computer.

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But i have filled all the required information and verifying my mobile no, still failed to publish GIG, while hitting the publish button it shows up a message that reads “We are sorry but you gig failed to save, please save it again” but how many times needed to save it?

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I dont know what the problem might be. I suggest you contact CS and also search on YouTube.

You have to veryf your account with your mobile number,Then it might be okey