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Why my gig not reviving impression?


Last week, I have created a gig (Business card design). Still now there is only 4 impression!
Please! tell me if there is any way to increase gig impression!!


First of all make sure that your gig is established according to Fiverr’s Gig guidlines. If it’s perfect then update gig tags and analyse the results in next 48 hours.


Dear @muhammadfaheem0, still i am confused between impression and views !!


“Impressions” show how many times your gig appeared in Fiverr search but the users did NOT actually opened and viewed your gig.


Thanks for your advice.
Anyway, can you tell me how to increase gig impression?


Clicks and views are more important than impressions. In fact, they all are interlinked. When your gig is well ranked, all of the will automatically go up rapidly. So you should mainly focus of optimizing your gigs properly instead of just increasing the impressions.


Thank you very much. I understand where I have to concentrate.


how much impression is good in 1day




My pleasure…!