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Why my gig not sell

why my gig not sell,


Your profile indicates you delivered an order 9 days ago.


it, was previews a small order (thanks)

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Try sharing your gig link in order to analyse is better. I think you can add a link to your gig in this section of the forum. Please listen to experts on youtube and read fiverr tips for sellers on fiverr forum.
You’ll find a lot of guidance. If you are not seeing many clicks to your gig change your main image, if you are not seeing too many impressions change the search tags, target less competitive ones.
If you are not seeing any contact even after many clicks add a call to acton in your gig description. If you are not getting any orders even after many clicks review your gig description and re write it.
Thanks i hope it was helpful


be active on fiverr forum and sent buyer request , soon or later you gig will sell . best wishes for you bro.


you can preview your gig title gig desciption gig pricing and most important gig Keyword.

Check your gig title, service category, pricing and description.

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The most reasons is because you got 1.7 star rating as your first review.
This is a big let down…, buyer will think twice before ordering.

and did you delete that bad review gigs and make a new one?
This is bad move. Like this…, people won’t know how you handle the negative review…, makes you really unprofessional.

I’m speakless.
For someone who is offer website design, your gig thumbnail is very very bad.
Poor choice of color → Look and the facebook ads text…, the “c” is almost missing because of the background.
Layout is messy.

Overall…, you need to greatly improve your design skill.

Wish you luck.


Choose Best keyword for your gig. Share gigs on social media. Be active on Fiverr. Create a perfect gig on your service. And Hopefully you will get more orders.

Best of luck.

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thanks for your suggestion
Now I changing my gig thimble

Here’s what you can do

  1. Proper Research
  2. Well written description with keywords
  3. Social Media Promotion ( Specially from Group and Community , Build your presence first)
  4. Send buyer request
  5. Stay active and try to response within 1 hour if any buyer knocks you