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Why My Gig not showing at marketplace?

Hi everyone,
My Gig is not shown the search result.I changed some image issue at my gig because it was looking copyright image. Then,I Can’t seen It. why? Help me Expert.

Best Regards

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It takes sometime to reappear so you should wait at least 1 to 2 days.

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because you are a new seller,your gig will not appear in the search page :frowning:

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I am waiting form 12 days

And i am waiting from 3 months


Ohhh… is your ipm,view & click is growing?

yeah but in very small amount.

Yes I have Also
May you Help me About a point?

yes sure.
tell me what kind of help you want

How to promote a gig ? by giving link at social medias?

promote your gigs on social media and do buyer requests on regular basis. (Y)

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Thank you for your time

Dont worry please and do SEO , do you know how to do SEO

swift is used to do SEO for fiverr

Yes I can do SEO
But why and how do seo for it?

You can check easily visibility of your gigs , click on selling and then select gig option , If your gig is visible in marketplace , So that you can see your gig impression and click and views ,

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Yes, But Not Showing at marketplace

you can contact to fiverr support team

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look at just below of your GIG title and it should be below 50 words, also you can do SEO to your Pic also

Hello, @heroicappointee.
It takes some time and your best efforts for your gig to rank. Afterall there are many other users who might be trying for the same thing as well.
All you need is to have a little patience, my friend.
Have a good day.