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Why my gig not showing in the search list?

I created a new gig. Almost two days. But it’s not showing in the search list. How can I fix this ?


Don’t worry, Just wait and see. Some times it happens

do some changes for title and tags :smiley::smiley:

I contact cs. It show the gig still pending and "Your Gigs is not displayed in the search results pages in the marketplace since is is currently being moderated by our Trust and Safety team. The moderation process may last up to 30 days. " also. That’s mean it take 30 days to active ?

Your gig will not be active until it goes through the moderation process.

Usually gigs go live quickly. What service are you offering that would need moderation? Sometimes only a word or two needs to be changed.

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Also, be advised that when you make changes/updates to your gig, it is removed from the search function so Fiverr’s editorial team can review the changes made. This can take anywhere from 24-48 hours, typically.