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Why my gig performance goes up suddenly


Hi team, yesterday i just changed my gig title
And day after that, i found it boooom
I dunno why


May be you had shared your gig or its search rank got a little bit higher for that …40+ views is not too much …Share your gig on many platforms .And get more view + orders…

Best of luck


Heyyyy, i remembered huh
Do you believe that my activities in the forum is the responsable of gigs performance increases?
Good that’s a new idea


It is possible. However, the views that you get when a forum user visits your profile don’t really mean much as the chance of such views “converting” (translating) to actual orders is slim.

Conversely, the views that you get when prospective buyers (AKA people who might be willing to buy from you) visit your profile are more valuable as there is a chance such views might convert to orders.


No your forum activities are in absolutely no way connected to what happens to your sales or gigs.

Things just do that sometimes, go up and down. You can drive yourself crazy wondering why.


congrats on the boost - hope something comes on the other end…


This is almost always true.

However, the OP was wondering if a bump in her gig views could’ve been because of forum members visiting her gig. And, this is very much possible.

Out of the three gig statistics (impressions, clicks, and views), impressions and clicks remain unaffected by forum activity because they only increase when viewers see/click on gigs that are displayed in Fiverr’s search/listings.

Views, on the other hand, can be affected by forum activity as “views” are just a measure of the number of times someone visits your gig(s). Each time a person (could be anyone! – even a forum user) visits one of your gig(s), your “views” stat. increases by 1. So, if one of the OPs forum messages were to catch the attention of a forum user, and the forum user were to to visit the OP’s gig page(s), it would DEFINITELY increase her views.

  • IMPRESSIONS: These are impressions from Fiverr, or the number of times your Gig appeared in the thumbnails (i.e., on the homepage, category/subcategory page, search, and user page).
  • CLICKS: These are clicks from impressions, or the number of clicks after a user saw it once on the homepage, category/subcategory page, search, and user page.
  • VIEWS: These are total page views, or the number of page views on the actual Gig page.

That’s the reason why I said what I said in post # 4.


I doubt if forum members would make it go from 5 to 45.


I never said the increase in the OP’s views was mainly due to forum members visiting her gigs. :slight_smile:

My only point was that your gig views definitely increase whenever someone visits your gig page… even if it is a forum member who visits it. So, your forum activity can definitely imcrease your “views” stat. The number by which your views stat. increases (as a result of your forum activity) could vary greatly depending on the number of forum members who visit your profile :man_shrugging: