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Why My Gig playing Puzzle with me?

I have an issue regarding my gig of vector tracing. about 20 days ago my gig was on first page and i was getting orders, and then suddenly my gig moved back to last 8th page without any reason, i dont know why.
and on the next day i checked it moved one page up means 7th page, and also on next day it also moved one more page up to 6th page in search, and it taken about 6 days to come back on 2nd page, and i was excited to see it on 1st page again on next day, but suddenly what i see on 7th day it again moves back to 6th page. and again same process repeated i moved to 2nd page and then sudden to 6th page…
and this is repeated about 4 time and yesterday it was on 2nd pages top and what i see today it is moved back to 6th page again…i am frustrated with this move, this is happening without any changes in gig… and what i see the gigs which was on 1st page 15 days ago they are still on 1st page. Then why meee?
please i did not understand about this problem…
i am tensed about this because i am totally dependent on Fiverr…
Please let me know what should i do…

This is the fiverr algorithm - it churns gigs in and out of the first page to give the newbies a chance. Your gig will not stay in one place forever.


Fiverr keeps shuffling the gigs. If you have been performing great and keeping the rating and quality high, have all stats up at the maximum rating then you don’t need to worry about anything. You’ll end up on the first page again. Just so you know, if you are talking about gigs being shuffled in the respective category then that’s okay. It happens every so often. If you are talking about some specific keyword, then it will settle down shortly. Don’t make major changes to the gig if you are getting orders.

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@coerdelion Thanks For you reply

@artistshop thanks.
I got that…