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Why my gig still in the Draft section?

I have filled all the proper information with an image and 2 pdfs.
But still my gig is not active
Please help me.

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Have you tried making your gig active by selecting it and clicking “Activate”

I think you didn’t went from the last option PUBLISH

I couldn’t find any such option there

Go back in to edit your gig then, there must be a missing field so it can’t be published yet.

If it’s an audio or video gig then you need either an audio or video example before it can be published.

I did it but still it is showing in the draft

I have rechecked it there is not any missing field.

@abhisheklour you should get this message on last option PUBLISH

Screenshots of the edit pages?

I got this message and clicked on it

Try Logout and then signin again

I deleted the gig.
I verified my phone no .
Created a new gig.
And now my gig is active.
Thank you

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