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Why my gig video and first image is not showing in fiverr search page?

Actually last two weeks ago i update my gig video and first image on my gig after that when i search my tag in fiverr gig page it’s just showing from number two of image not any video ya first image that i used to. :frowning:
can someone pls help me? :frowning:

I don’t know which gig it is but maybe it’s a caching issue and it’s showing it from some cache that hasn’t been updated with the new image.

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how is it possible man?

but if i will go to inside of my gig there is showing video and first image after click it mannually

Which gig is the problem with? Have you tried removing your cookies and viewing the search results again? If it’s cache issue with Fiverr itself that’s something they’d need to update.

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lemme try for this