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Why My Gig Video is Rejected by Fiverr

Hello All.
Yesterday i make a video for my gig …video take almost 3hours …i use girl voice online from text to speech software and include all unique pictures on video.But when i upload on Gig .After some hours fiverr message me that you video is Rejected by fiverr team.
Can any one tell me what’s the reason …Rejected video gig link



Didn’t you get any reason from Fiverr team why your video have been rejected.??


This is Fiverr Replied
But i already made on software then why he mention it

Thank you for contacting us about this. I checked for you, and the quality of the computerized narration in the video was not up to the standard expected for a Fiverr Gig video. You may narrate the video yourself, or try a professional. We recommend the narration be made by a real person, or by better software.


That’s what they want you to do:

Basically they think the text to speech that you used doesn’t sound good enough (maybe too robotic?).

You could also not have any audio narration and just on screen text with background music.


I was also suspecting it was because of the girl voice online from text to speech software you used.

They already answered you as well.

Better software. They keyword is better.

Just narrate it yourself or if you wish, hire someone to do a voiceover. They just dont want the narration. It’s probably robotic and not something Fiverr wants in a gig video.

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I think this is the only reason you used software but they mentioned for using the better software also. I’m confused about this :frowning:

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Narrate it yourself and use a modulator to convert it to a female voice.

Hahahaha Confusion

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Maybe Fiverr allow 75 seconds limited.

Can you Please suggest me the best modulator software

Isn’t modulator software to convert male to female voice still going to sound fake?
You can change pitch in Audacity but it may not sound realistic for male->female.
Why not just have on screen text over the video or if not get a female voice over seller to record it if it needs to be a female voice.


So Sad…oky Thanks Alot

You could just change your profile pic so it isn’t a female (you could use a logo or something if you don’t want to use your own pic), then you wouldn’t need to use voice altering software if you wanted to use your own voice. Or you could just use overlaid text+background music if you don’t want to narrate/hire a voice-over artist.

And my video is totally 1 minute…its mean 60 seconds

May be not sure because I can’t see your video.

My video is rejected and not seen on gig