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Why my gigs are getting no order?

I am here for almost 5 months. I have 3 gigs here. But till date I have received NO order. Absolutely zero. Buyers don’t even contact me for discussion. It seems like I do not exist here. Dear experts, would you please be kind enough to take a look at my profile and my gigs to find out what’s wrong?
Thanks in advance.


I’m no expert like other sellers here, but what I’ve learnt on this platform and what gave me my first order is that, your primary gig or thumbnail for the gig should be very attractive which catches the buyer’s attention, make an attractive thumbnail with bright colours (yellow,red,blue). You can also try creating more gigs, up to 7, which increases the chances of orders (don’t duplicate the gigs), find a niche in your category (specific). Search your category and see what is recommended in the search, for example, if you search logo design, in the search, attractive logo design is suggested, use attractive therefore as your search tag, make a simpler and shorter title, use better descriptive words in your gig description, keep prices low, and there are many more articles on this forum just like yours, research and read those, then improve. If someone does contact you, don’t let them go to another buyer, interest them with questions and queries and previous work.Try to promote your gigs on platforms, (quora, facebook etc.), add a more attractive profile picture, use the buyer request option daily, read the request and don’t send a generic response. Add a status beneath your profile picture. If you do all this, I’m sure you will receive your first order very soon.

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