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Why my gigs are not sale

Hi Everyone,
I am Anisur Rhman. I do not understand why my gigs are not sale. Please help me and someone check my gigs and said what is the problem and also said the solution.
Thank you.

Create more gigs, check your gig view, click and impression if they are going down make changes in your gig tittle and tags.

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you have other skills if present gigs are not working

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include other skills


Firstly, always mention your gig’s link in this section so that anyone can check your gig by just a single click.

Okay, so you need to basically check out your gig section at top, see if your gigs are active, there may be a chance that your gig is paused or is inactive.

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My Impression level is also low . besides, I also promote my gigs . pls guys help me give some tips to increse my gigs impression