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Why my gigs are not selling?


Hello, guys, I am new in Fiverr.I need help.Please check this link and tell me what the problem in my Gig.Why is not my sold.


You are brand new, you have no reviews, and you are selling a very common service. Many people know how to do what you sell in your base package. Personally, even if everything else about your gig was great, I can’t imagine who might pay $30 for what you listed here when you are completely unproven.


Your gig description says “Without key-word research is never possible to come onto the top page.I’ll give all the key-words, which are the key-words used by the visitor.”

That’s probably one out of many reasons. I’m afraid selling keywords is not the right gig for you :frowning:
You might wish to rethink this and come up with a service that represents your skills.