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Why My Gigs are now Showing in Searches

I am level 2 seller with 225 reviews on one gig. Just 1 bad rating that was one year before. All are 5 stars. No late delivery but from the last one month, My gigs are not showing in fiverr searches. Every month, I have 15-20 orders but I lost my gigs and not able to search using my major keywords like Bookkeeping, QuickBooks, bookkeeper.

I was on top but I lost everything. From the last one month, I just got 2 messages in my inbox even, I am doing regular social media marketing on major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin (9000 connections), Pinterest, and Instagram.

Everything was fine but suddenly stop all stuff.

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Comparing this year to last year is not a good idea.

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It’s rude to hijack someone else’s thread.

I already did.

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