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Why My gigs didn't Show


I am a logo designing on fiverr since 1 and half month. First days I got two orders from my gigs.Fter some day i had deleted my gigs and created another gig. i do that few times. Then, i deleted all of my gigs because i didn’t get any orders from that gigs. After that i have created three gigs yesterday. but the problem is Any of gig didn’t shown to buyers.

You need to stop posting and deleting gigs. It takes at least (if not more than) a day to index new gigs. Once indexed, your gigs will be shown in ‘new’ gigs for a while, then put into general rotation. Fiverr’s search results are limited, so they rotate gigs in and out of the results, meaning sometimes you won’t find them in the search results. That’s to give all the millions of gigs a chance to be seen. (Top Rated Sellers enjoy better exposure; that’s one of the perq’s).

Frankly, you’ve only been here a month, and by playing around with making and deleting gigs, you only hurt your ranking. Go read the many great posts on the forums to help new sellers; use the search engine, type things like ‘how to make sales’ ‘how to optimize gigs’ ‘how to promote gigs’ ‘advice for new sellers’, things like that.

And learn to be patient.

Thank for the comment

You Gave me Really good ideas

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