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Why my Gigs doesn't goes live


I have created two gigs… one of them passed already 2 days but still not live and I can’t see it in search… How can i make it live?

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Hello maybe your gig is still pending approval. Wait a little longer and if you still have the same problem then contact with help center.

Maria S.


You have 2 gigs showing when I check your profile.


check this image please… showing 1 view only. They ot active status but they aren’t not public yet I hope


Hope so… already passed massage to help center.

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If we can see them, which we can, they’re public.

However, it does take a couple of days for them to appear in the search.

One of your gigs is for Amazon deals (not sure what that is) - you’ve got Amazondealsus in the title, and no mention of Amazon in your tags. Don’t think many users will be searching for Amazondealsus as all one word.

Your second gig is for ‘Amazon Walmart Ebay’ - again, none of those terms appear in your tags.

There’s little point in asking CS for help if you can’t get your tags right. :wink:

Gig stats are delayed BTW, so you won’t see a live number of clicks, impressions etc.

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