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Why my gigs gets denied

hy every one i am at fiverr from 2+ years in the starting i had made few gigs and 7 days before the gigs which were the soul of my account gets denied by fiverr i contact support that why its happens they havnt reply my from 8+ days dont know why this happens with me even i have follow at the rules,my gigs were published from manny years at the end they denied the gigs,why not they denied the gig when i had made that gig

Many of your gigs sell Facebook likes. Selling Facebook (or any other social media) likes is against the rules of both Facebook, and Fiverr. Your account was likely denied because you most definitely ARE breaking the rules.

My advice, don’t sell services that are illegal according to the terms of service of other websites or here on Fiverr.

i am not breaking the rules,the likes or social which were increased by the promotion i think is not against the policies of fiverr and facebook,my all work is done by promotion in the concerned site