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Why My Gigs not Getting impressions and clicks and views from long time, i'm Level 1 Seller

Hey Experts, I’m Level 1 Seller, some weeks ago I deleted my all gigs because I was not getting any impression or views or clicks, after that, I create a new gig but no impression and views and clicks. then again I deleted after that I created again 2 gigs 1 week ago but still one of my gig impression is 148 in a complete week and 2nd gig impression is only 5 in a week…

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Fiverr change the gigs position after some time, you should not delete your gigs.
Update your gigs with strong keywords, do not make changes in your gigs often.
When you do some changes in your gig then it do not show in search result for hours.
Add videos to your gigs it will also helpful in gig boasting.


Deleting the Gig affect the account reputation in Fiverr eyes?

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No, but a gig takes time to rank and it is normal to not get impression etc.
Try to add/change keywords after some days and check the gig performance.

Ok, thanks for your kind words.