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Why my Gig's Rank coming down?

Hello guys!

Hopefully, you do well, My Gig was ranking on number “1” on ‘Mobile application development’ keyword, but I don’t why my gig’s ranking is going down due to unexpected reasons,

Please senior guide or provide some kind of tips and tricks to optimize the gig on a specific keyword.

read this

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Totally understand this, but my question was relevant to keyword research and keyword difficulty.

Maybe your answer is here. :arrow_down:

but not in my case. i was tracking my gig from 9 days and it was consistently on st to 3rd position but now the ranking is going down. i dont know why.

My gig goes up and down even on the same day. I find it then I refresh the page, and it is in another position or on another page. That is pretty normal on Fiverr. Especially since they seem to be tweaking the way they position the gigs.