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Why my gigs' ranking dropped down so rapidly?

Hi there,

Is there anyone experienced quick dropping down of your gigs’ ranking?

All my gigs’ ranking dropped down from very begging to very bottom. This situation started from 10th of April. But during the last 30 days before 10th, my Fiverr account performed never better. Very stable orders, no cancel, very low late delivery, no warnings, constantly 5-star reviews. But suddenly the ranking of all my gigs dropped to the bottom. Although my gig still performs well in the last 10 days, the ranking is still very very bad.

I attached a screenshot of the impression and order of my best sell gig, from where you guys may understand what I’m talking about.

I am a full-time freelancer, and Fiverr is my only income. I’m so depressed now. The point is that I don’t know how to solve this problem. I asked Fiverr support several times, but they give the same answer: the ranking is depending on your performance, and other freelancers who compete with you. But the performance of my gig is almost the second best sell under a category or keyword.

If you have any suggestion, could you kindly tell me about your thought please? Thank you.


share your gig in social media get some traffic to it. try finish your order quickly. this will help

There is no alternativeto share your gig on social media and quora

Quora does not allow promotional links.


At least you can make an audience based network and can personally suggest your gig there. Am I right?

No, Quora does not allow promotion or spam on their site. You cannot build a following, and “suggest your gig” there. Think about it for a minute: If you owned a popular Q&A website, would you want desperate Fiverr sellers creating accounts just to post/spam links to their gigs? Probably not.

Would users really want to go anywhere that desperate sellers do nothing but “suggest their gig”? No. Buyers aren’t hanging out where sellers keep trying to spam their links.

Spamming links wherever you can is not marketing.


Thanks for your details description but then what should we target as our audience?

Your gigs are a business. Who are the people you are trying to sell your services to? Those are your target customers. Find those people, reach out to them, and convince them to hire you.

Shares doesn’t help you atleast 99% :wink:

I am currently battling with the same issue,
i had to change gig title and did small description tweaking…yet no improvement.

There is a job a client ordered from me about 25 days ago, the client asked that i hold on for him for a while for him to give me some revisions. I haven’t heard from the client since then and i have messaged this client severally. And its currently reading 25 days late.

I don’t know if that is one of the reasons why am experiencing this decrease in stats.


Welcome to the forum!
Almost every seller facing the same situation, people say and I have experienced once that the gig position back in a few days.


Facing the same problem with my all gigs from middle of this month.

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Same as here. :sleepy: :sleepy:

Same with me, But I am not sure why to happen it and customer support also no solution

Agree with you, was thinking the same.

Same Here , Is there any solution if yes then please tell me :sleepy:

Were you able to solve it ?