Why my Gigs rating keeps dropping?


Hi everyone, I am new on Fiverr and will like to get some clarifications. After creating my Gigs, I always check my gigs rating which keeps rising everyday. The figures given to impressions, clicks and views were increasing, but started dropping after a month. I guess Gigs impressions tell a lot on how soon a seller will get an order or orders. Does anyone aware of what happened or what I did wrong? I will like to know so that I can improve on it, and to help me get buyers.


You don’t seem to have an active Fiverr account - how are you selling gigs?


Thanks for your response! Actually, my Username Joyfuldesigner was suspended in the process of correcting or changing my user name. I later created another username: Joyfulredactor: that’s the user name I am trying to get clarification on. I tried to sign in to Joyfulredactor to use the forum but was taking me to joyfuldesigner page. The link to my page is: https://www.fiverr.com/joyfulredactor

Your good advice will be appreciated. Thanks