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Why my gigs was denied again again?


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check your email Fiverr already give you the reasons for this activity

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These services are not allowed here anymore.

Your gig was denied because that kind of service isn’t allowed. Since you say that your gigs were denied again and again, please keep in mind that, if you keep trying to offer forbidden services, you could get banned from Fiverr.


When you click on “Edit” on the desired Gig, it should tell you advice/notice on top of the Gig page why it has been denied.

As the others say above, your service may no longer be offered as you are trying to market it. Perhaps you could try to recategorize this skill under a different category that is still supported, granted it is something that does not violate TOS.

Best of luck! :slight_smile:

Please check your email. Fiverr will send you a detail list why your gig is not accepted. Another one things are your providing subject gig most probably not support in Fiverr andy more.